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Breaking Down the Wall

Kenneth Banks

Learning is an everyday occurrence in our lives. We learn at our workplace, we take time to study at home, we even "learn" during our leisure time. Every moment of the day we have an opportunity to grow by learning something new. Breaking Down the Wall takes you on a journey behind that wall while allowing us to learn and grow from daily events, from all angles. At Breaking Down the Wall we discuss topics ranging from typical classroom instruction, mentoring, to even our own life experiences. We uncover tools and concepts, have stimulating conversations with great people who want to share their stories, and we create an open learning world for everyone who listens. We offer viewpoints to quench your thirst to learn and to help create learning moments for every day. We help you Break Down the Wall... Tune in to every episode where we will provide you, the listener, with inspiration and content designed to entertain and enlighten. Enjoy, and Keep Breaking Down the Wall